Designed By Margo Pe√Īa, ASID

Breathe3L Mask: WOHAW

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Now more than ever the 1877 illustrious art of Kiowa artist WOHAW's A Man Receiving Power from Two Spirit Animals takes on new meaning in indigenous culture and life. In the drawing WOHAW depicts the answer to a prayer as two bovine spirit animals breathing their medicine onto his head. This interpretation of existing between 2 worlds now takes on more relevance as humans begin to manage Pre-COVID rituals and Post COVID life. 

The WOHAW 3-layered mask is¬†crafted to offer a sensational fit and chic look. Designed By Distinguished Designer, Margo Pe√Īa, ASID, The WOHAW¬†mask comes with ear savers.

Protected We Rise: Buy 1, We Donate 2.

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