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Breathe3D Mask: Exclusive Donation Colors

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When you select a size and enter your discount code we will send you 1 free Breathe3D Masks in one of exclusive colors like Red, White, Yellow, Grey, Green and Orange.  

 The Breathe3D mask is a 3D Printed mask designed to protect you from injury or the spread of infection or illness. During this pandemic the Design Corps worked with essential healthcare professionals and the 3D print community to design the Essential3D personal protective equipment (PPE) product line to offer inventive solutions that solve PPE shortages across the globe. The Breathe3D is an Essential3D invention designed as a reusable replacement to the N95 mask and is derivative of the original Montana Mask created at the Billings Clinic a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. 

The Breathe3D design is sustainable, ingenuity that aims to reduce medical waste and pollution. The Breathe3D mask is made with FDA-compliant, ISO-certified, Antibacterial 3D Printing filaments and hospital grade, reusable, washable MERV-13 filters. When fitted to your face, the Breathe3D mask achieves approximately 95-97% filtration. 

The Breathe3D masks comes with:

  • 1 - Foam Comfort Seal
  • 1 - Filter3D AIRx Health¬†MERV-13¬†Filter offer 95% -97% Filtration
  • 2 - Soft Elastic Ear Bands:¬†Rounded double-band elastic carefully engineered for comfort and fit.
  • 1 - Free Ear Saver To Eliminate Ear Strain & Fatigue:¬†Ear savers are mask accessories that reduce tugging ear distress. Ear savers will not just make your mask more comfortable to wear‚ÄĒthey also function as a new fashion accessory that you can mix and match with your masks.¬†

    Extend Your Protection: Purchase Breathe3D Mask Replacement MERV-13 Filters

    Breathe3D Masks:

    • Follows ALL¬†World Health Organization¬†&¬†Centers For Disease Control¬†requirements
    • Formed To Fit With 8-hours of Comfort
    • Are printed in the Hawaii, California and New York, USA.
    • Arrives In Sealed Packaging:¬†Each¬†mask is in a sealed plastic bag. Due to hygiene and sanitary reasons, all masks¬†are final sale and no returns will be accepted.¬†
    • Not intended for use as a surgical mask

    Breathe3D Mask Fit & Size Guide: Mask sizes are measured from edge of the chin to bridge of the nose.

    • Small (125mm)
    • Medium (131mm)
    • Large (134mm)
    • X-Large (135.5mm)
    • XXL & Youth Sizes Coming Soon!

    Read more about The Breathe3D Mask Fitting & Care Instructions