Designed By Jasmine Pérez Morán

Surrealist Dreams Mask: 3-Layered Face Mask 😷 Buy 1, We Donate 2!

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My accordances mean an acceptance, serene, tranquil with evocations of being in tune with nature and the universe. - Perle Fine


Perle Fine embodied the characteristics of Abstract Expressionism. Perle was known by fluid and brushy rendering of materials and her use of biomorphic forms. The Surrealist Dreams masks celebrates Perle Fine's exploration of human emotion and energy. 

The Surrealist Dreams 3-layered mask is reversible, made with 100% Sheets & Giggles breathable, self-cooling cotton. Each mask is crafted to offer a Fine fit that will evoke feeling as you physically distance in style. Designed By Jasmine Pérez Morán, this mask comes with ear savers. 

Protected We Rise: Buy 1, We Donate 2.

The price of this mask includes the cost of 1 well-designed certified mask you have purchased and 2 that are donated and shipped to essential workers in your name. |  Read More >

All mask makers are compensated and fully committed to the WTO Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice.  Are you a mask maker interested in selling your masks?  Learn More