Pandemic Wear & PPE Marketplace Business Model & Pricing Details

Designed By Us believes that at a time when many are creators, makers and designers are unemployed and on bread lines, it is morally wrong to ask mask makers to donate their time and certified materials.

Design By Us Studio Programs educate community members on how to create sustainable social businesses. That is why we believe that mask making programs should in fact be responsible to all communities and offer a living wage for their creativity and passion. We are compensating mask designers, makers and creators $4.00 - $18.00 USD per mask and 3D print makers $4.00 per mask for their time and materials. 

The $20.00, $24.00 & $30.00 price to consumers include the cost of 1 well designed certified mask you have purchased and 2 that are donated and shipped to essential workers in your name.  Learn More >